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When a parcel full of these beautiful stamps from Send More Mail showed up at my door step late last week, I squealed with delight (seriously, I did – you can ask Tyler).

For quite some time I’ve been following Jaime’s blog, and can never get over the beauty of her photography and the vintage stamps she collects and sells. There’s just something about these tiny stamps that tug at my heart strings. Maybe it’s seeing such wonderful pieces of Canadian Design and History all collected in a cute little package?

Or maybe it’s the way her photography makes each stamp seem just as precious and important as the next. All I know is I love the idea of sending mail covered in vintage stamps — it’s that extra touch that helps add a bit of personality to the everyday.

For all the brides out there, Send More Mail can also create custom stamp orders specific to the postage you need for mailing your wedding invitations. How cool is that? Thanks again Jaime for the lovely stamps. I can’t wait to put them to good use.  - Jessie

Photos by Send More Mail

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  • Kelly said...

    Although I’m not the fan of collecting stamps, these stamps are really special!! And I love these flower print packages!! Lovely!!

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